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Need to Ignite Your New and Experienced Advisors?

We have the right-sized programs to get your advisors to the finish line first


Designed to Increase Advisor Productivity & Retention

What differentiates HPN is our advisor development resources have been field-tested in our very own “living laboratory.”

Developed by the field for the field, we combine the art and science of advisor development. Impact studies have identified a direct correlation between our learning programs and increases in advisor productivity and retention. We’ve aggregated content from the top speakers, consultants and advisors in financial services in their respective areas of expertise.

Advisor Professional Development

  • Sales Training – Prospecting, Fact Finding, Closing, Sales Psychology
  • Marketing – Target Marketing, Networking, Social Media
  • Activity Management
  • Practice Management – Client Building, Staff Development, Team Selling
  • Advanced Markets Training
  • Motivation and Inspiration
Average Productivity Increase
Phil Richards Hoopis performance network

“HPN is the great leap forward when it comes to the efficient management of an accountability system for the retention and success of new advisors.”

Phil Richards, GAMA International Hall of Fame

“We launched HPN at all of our offices and I can say with great confidence our goal to add value to our 12 – 48 month advisors has been met. I have had at least six advisors tell me that HPN kept them in the business with ideas to help them see more people and close more business.”

Cathy Hiscott, RHU
Porter Hoopis Testimonial

“I am the biggest fan of Hoopis Performance Network. It is spot-on as it relates to training, timeliness of updates, powerful presenters, and true take-away value. You cannot beat it for the price and, more importantly, the quality.”

Dave Porter , Baystate Financial Services

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