HOST is innovative learning and development designed to educate and empower home office employees and field staff.

HOST is innovative learning and development designed to educate and empower home office employees and field staff.

Why Invest in Your Home Office Employees and Field Staff?

We’ve developed digital learning and development resources to help educate the backbone of financial services organizations: employees and staff. Our content, designed for the home office and/or field, will help employees and staff understand the impact their roles have on the individuals, families and businesses they serve. This new knowledge will empower employees to grow professionally leading to greater retention and productivity which has become even more important in this new era of “The Great Resignation.”

What is HOST?

  • 500+ virtual microlearning modules designed to engage today’s modern learner.

  • Flexible options for customizing and integrating content within your learning management system.

  • Advanced reporting functionality to identify trends and increase accountability.

  • Available in multiple languages and closed captioned to align with ADA guidelines.

What are the benefits to your organization?

  • Attract, develop and retain top talent in the home office and field.

  • Empower employees to understand the impact they have on the clients they serve.

  • Create efficiency through a scalable training system across the enterprise.

  • Enhance the value of your current propriety training resources for a fraction of the cost.

HOST Content Covers the Following Topics and More:

Understanding Clients and Their Needs

Generational Buying Differences

The Need for Life Insurance

Life Changes Series

What Happens When Someone Dies

Overview of College Planning

Understanding Special Needs

Financial Considerations of Divorce and Widowhood

Introduction to Insurance Products and Principles

Role of Life Insurance

Understanding the Life Insurance Policy

Understanding Underwriting

Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance

Overview of Annuities

Contract Beneficiary Designation

Understanding Medicare

Overview of the Principles of Investing

Basics of Investing

Investment Strategies

Mutual Funds

Investment Choices

Investment Analysis

Variable Annuities

Overview of Managed Money

Understanding Financial Factors and Programs

The Life Insurance Industry

Personal Financial Series

Individual Taxation Series

Overview of Social Security

Focus on Social Security

Overview of Business, Estate & Retirement Planning

Working with Business Owners

Different Business Structures

Managing Business Risks

Executive Benefit Plan

Estate Tax Planning

Planning Strategies FOR Retirement

Planning Strategies AT Retirement

General Employee and Staff Education

How to Give a Presentation

Time Management Success

Financial Literacy

Active Listening Skills

Our Employee and Staff Education Content Is Designed To Be Used With the Following Types of Groups:

  • Home Office Employees

  • Field Agency & Advisor Staff

  • Policy Owner Services

  • Underwriting Department

  • Marketing Department

  • Advanced Sales

  • Call Center Representatives

  • Broker Dealer Employees

  • And more!

Just Some of Our Learning and Sample Development Content for Employees and Staff:

Overview of the Insurance Industry

Introduction to the Role of Life Insurance

Financial Risks That May Impact a Retirement Plan

Why Understanding Social Security Matters

Time Management Concepts and Practices

What Could a College Education Cost

What is a Variable Annuity?

What Factors are Evaluated During Life Underwriting

Overview of the Small Business Marketplace

Deciphering Your Paycheck

Interested In How We Can Help with Your Employee and Staff Training Needs?

Additional Tools and Resources

In addition to our digital content, we also provide turnkey training and coaching tools for managers including:

  • On Demand Classroom Training Modules (virtual and in person)
  • Coaching Resources Including Guides, Assessments and Tutorial Videos
  • Skill Assessment to Identify Strengths and Areas of Development
  • eLearning Knowledge Checks and Action Items for Performance Improvement

  • Ability to Easily Enroll Learners in Courses and Learning Paths

  • Reporting and Analytics for Greater Accountability Around Learning