Tools and Resources for Leaders at Every Stage of Their Career!

Tools and Resources for Leaders at Every Stage of Their Career!

Successful Organizations Understand One of the Most Important Investments You Can Make Is in Your Leaders and Managers.

This begins by identifying which financial advisors have a propensity to lead and providing them with an opportunity to easily “test drive” a career in leadership. Once they officially take a leadership role within in the organization, there are a variety of skills and systems they will need to develop throughout their career to become successful. We provide the tools and resources needed to help your leaders throughout their entire leadership journey!

System to Allow Advisors to ‘Test Drive’ a Career in Leadership

Leadership Development Experience for Your Agency Leaders

Recruiting Tools

Resources and Tools to Enhance Your Recruiting & Selection Efforts

BenchBuilder – a program and system to identify potential field leaders and to give them an opportunity to “test drive” a leadership career. Developed from LIMRA’s extensive leadership and management research along with the Hoopis Performance Network’s field-tested systems and best practices.

Firm Foundations – a leadership development experienced designed for Agency Managers and their leadership teams. This program provides the systems, tools and best practices for building a successful, thriving organization. The curriculum can be customized based on an organizations needs.

Recruiting & Selection Tools and Resources – we offer an array of solutions to help organizations field their ideal candidates, attract them to the firm and select the top performers using both the art and science. Resources such as Coaching & Consulting, Contact Recruiting, Live Workshops and Selection Tools.

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