“The successful manager builds the organization, and the organization builds the business.”

Harry Hoopis – CEO, Hoopis Performance Network

Firm Foundations is a leadership development experience designed to equip agency managers and their teams with systems, tools and best practices for building a successful, sustainable organizations. With over 3,000 graduates of the program, we have worked with many companies to develop a custom learning experience based on the organization’s unique management development needs.

Firm Foundations Programs Offerings

HPN offers three Firm Foundations programs designed to address specific agency building functions.

Systems for Success

Talent Acquisitions

Coaching & Accountability

Firm Foundations Attendees Receive the Following Benefits:

  • Philosophies, beliefs and guiding principles
  • A turnkey, systems approach to agency building
  • Increased recruiting and selection results
  • Get new recruits off to a fast start
  • Grow experienced advisor productivity
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Leadership team alignment
  • Strategic and tactical Performance Plan

Testimonials – What Others Are Saying

“This is the best leadership program I’ve attended in my 25 years in the business.”

“This program should be required for all Managing Partners.”

“This was a high-touch experience! Hoopis and his team provide the playbook for getting advisors to the 5th year.”

“Brings the vision of a great agency into reality. Agency management at the Master’s Degree level, anyone desiring to build a mega agency needs to attend.”

“Firm Foundations is a step-by-step process on how to implement a successful management career in the financial services industry.”

“One of the most worthwhile leadership programs I have ever attended! A close and personal look at one of the finest firms in our industry including Hoopis’ secrets of success.”

Firm Foundations Broken Down Into Modules

Our informative modules contain effective business management and development methodology that help in increasing employee productivity and retention.

Harry will share his expertise around creating a vision and then doing the things necessary to make that vision become a reality. He will focus on the various models of building a network office and the evolution from a small to a large organization, in particular as it relates to training and development needs.

In this segment, Harry Hoopis will provide insights and best practices on how he developed recruiting and selection systems throughout his 45 year career. He will touch on the GAMA Foundation’s Research that identified best practices of top performing organizations. Harry also addresses selection systems including the science which is selection profiles as well as the art which includes behavioral interviewing to help you select high quality candidates.

Haley Lelah will focus on the most effective sources for recruiting leads as well as the various systems implemented within the organization to “widen the funnel.” She will share ideas on how to generate advisor referrals to potential recruits as well as how to develop a recruiting culture. Haley will conclude with best practices regarding communication and holding each leadership team member accountability for recruiting.

Joey Davenport will share LIMRA research that highlights what Generation Next (ie. Gen X & Y) is looking for in a career vs. how managers and recruiters are positioning the opportunity. There is a major disconnect between the two and he will share valuable insights into how you can start positioning the career opportunity to attract this next generation of sales talent.

During this session, you will hear from a Managing Partner who was appointed to a small, struggling firm in Chicago. This field leader’s team began to implement the Hoppis systems and best practices within the firm. Within their company, this firm is now recognized as one of the top in the nation regarding recruiting, productivity and retention. This segment provides a great example for participants of how to embrace change and implement new systems to take your organizations to the next level.

Jenica Delrose will drill down and share the systems, processes and best practices they have implemented for recruiting, selection, training and development. She will discuss some of the challenges they have faced as well as how they prioritized the systems that needed to be implemented immediately and the process they followed along the way.

Identifying your ideal candidate is where recruiting begins. Understanding the characteristics of who you are looking for is important to get your team on the same page. During this session, we help you identify your idea candidate and create the value proposition to attract them.

What first impression is your organization presenting to potential recruits? We will address this question specifically as it relates to online branding and social media marketing. We will also share how to create a habit in LinkedIn and source your ideal candidate in new and innovative ways. This session will allow you to walk away with key take-a-ways on generating a search engine that will work for you.

Studies show the most efficient method to bring new recruits into the business is through referrals. This session will equip participants with field-tested ideas on how to create, market, and conduct one-on-one meetings with existing advisors to generate referrals. We will also share proven, plug-and-play ideas for agency recruiting contests. A referral culture takes time to develop but this will show you how to start or uplift your current referral culture.

When you are in recruiting mode, you want other options than just referrals. This is another great way to add to the funnel. In regards to campus recruiting, attendees will learn how to segment schools that will bring the most quality to their organization. Learn how to stand out among competition on campus. Specialty recruiting focuses on target markets such as veteran and women recruiting. If that is a focus of an office, they will learn different strategies to enter and attract candidates from those markets.

In this segment, we provide insights and best practices on the Art and Science of effective selection systems. We begin by addressing The Science which involves utilizing assessment and profiling tools in the selection process. Then we address The Art which includes behavioral interviewing techniques and ideas to help you identify the traits of high quality candidates.

In this Firm Foundations favorite, participants will have an opportunity to hear from three top producers at various stages in their careers. These financial representatives will share insights on their sales process, language they utilize and how they sustain high levels of activity. They will also share how they are able to maintain focus while overcoming adversity that comes with the career.

In this session, we will focus on the unique things we have created to enhance and systematize our training systems. We will focus on how to position training & development during the recruiting process as well as best practices, new ideas and tools for pre-training, initial training and ongoing training. Participants will receive ideas on how to create your own “University” by leveraging various resources available to them.

The foundation of an effective development system is clearly defined expectations as well as rewards / consequences. This session will reveal the various components of the Hoopis Financial Group’s Expectations Matrix as well as how it is implemented throughout the development process from a tactical standpoint. We will also focus on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly coaching & development systems to increase accountability and get producers off to a fast start in the business.

During this session, Harry Hoopis will discuss strategies on how to most effectively coach veteran representatives. In addition, they will provide insights into how to get veteran representatives to think “bigger” about their practices. Finally Harry will share insights on how to motivate them to continuously increase their productivity and commitment to lifelong learning.

Harry will focus on a topic that is rarely addressed in leadership development workshops: best practices on running contests and incorporating recognition into your organization’s culture. He will share ideas on creative contests to coordinate as well as best practices for leveraging contests to increase your organization’s productivity.

This session will provide participants with an opportunity to identify their organizational strengths as well as areas of opportunity regarding their training & development systems. Each participant will work with members of their leadership team to determine what they should continue doing, stop doing and start doing based on the ideas and best practices they have discovered during the workshop. Everyone will leave with a specific action plan to implement immediately.

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