Giving Advisors an Opportunity to “Test Drive” a Career in Leadership

BenchBuilder Gives Advisors an Opportunity to “Test Drive” a Career in Leadership

How Do You and Your Organization Identify Sale Management Potential?
What Are You Doing To Build Your Bench Strength With the Next Generation of Leaders?

BenchBuilder™ was developed from LIMRA’s extensive leadership and management research as well as the Hoopis Performance Network’s field-tested systems & best practices. The curriculum allows sales reps and their sponsoring managers to collaborate on 16 management activities designed to provide a better understanding of a manager’s role. The purpose is to help both the organization and the management candidate determine whether a role in leadership is a fit.

Systematic Process for Management Development & Succession Planning

With an increasingly aging sales manager population within financial services, there’s a huge opportunity to identify and develop sales reps who have leadership potential. It also helps an organization do their best to create a pipeline for organic growth, most have struggled to develop a systematic management development process.

Too many organizations bring successful sales reps into a management role too soon.

Just because someone is a successful producer, doesn’t mean they will be a successful manager.

Manager turnover is even more costly than sales rep turnover because now you’ve lost not only a manager but also a good producer.

Systematic Process for Management Development & Succession Planning

  • BenchBuilder is designed to help organizations determine which of their sales reps should step into a management role.
  • BenchBuilder provides a systematic, structured process to determine which path is best for a candidate: Sales or Management.
  • Not everyone who completes BenchBuilder will move directly into a management role.
  • Having BenchBuilder graduates on deck provides for a smoother transition in management succession planning.
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Benefits of BenchBuilder

BenchBuilder Benefits

Provides an opportunity for sales reps interested in management to experience an honest and realistic picture of the field manager’s role.

The organization receives samples of the candidate’s work in key management activities before a commitment is made.

Sales reps can determine whether they would like to pursue a management role – easy in, easy out.

The Field Leadership Profile

The Situation

Field leaders play a pivotal role in your company’s profitability. It is critical to choose the right individuals for sales management positions: When leaders fail, production suffers, turnover climbs, and the bottom line takes a hit.

How We Can Help You

The Field Leadership Profile is a comprehensive assessment that helps you identify and develop successful sales leaders. It helps your organization focus on crucial facets of leadership candidates.

How It Works

The Field Leadership Profile uses multiple-choice questions to collect information about candidates’ past experiences, personal characteristics, and work judgment. Building on our new examination of field leadership competencies, each feedback report provides summary and detailed information for three key areas. You will learn candidates’:

  • Expected performance on key field leader tasks
  • Likely personal leadership impact
  • Strengths and developmental needs on core leader competencies

Each Feedback Report Also Includes:

  • Interview questions for exploring candidates’ problem solving and business ethics
  • Candidate selection summary page
  • Customized development plan worksheet

The Field Leadership Profile is available through LIMRA’s Web-based selection system that makes candidate selection effective, efficient, and timely. Test results are instantly computed and reports are available to your managers. The reporting system allows key people at your company to monitor and analyze test results.

Field Leadership Profile Feedback Report (sample)

Recognize the importance of identifying, assessing, and developing successful leaders for the future of your organization!

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