Giving Advisors an Opportunity to “Test Drive” a Career in Leadership

BenchBuilder Gives Advisors an Opportunity to “Test Drive” a Career in Leadership

BenchBuilder – the Six Key Responsibilities

BenchBuilder activities align with the six key responsibilities of field sales managers:

Recruiting and selecting – Identifying, attracting, and selecting qualified individuals for opportunities within the organization.

Training – Instilling basic skills in new recruits and providing continued development of all team members.

Performance management – Helping sales reps set and work toward goals, assessing their progress, and providing feedback to develop high-performance sales teams.

Target market planning and development – Providing sales reps with the guidance to analyze and select appropriate target markets in which to expand their business

Business management – Managing finances and running a sales office in a financially efficient manner.

Team development – Setting sales office goals and direction and taking the steps necessary to accomplish those goals.

Pragmatic & Interactive, Not Academic or Passive

READ – Each module has a “chapter” the candidate is required to read.

DO – Each chapter contains instructions for the projects associated with that module.

DISCUSS – Manager meets with candidate to review and discuss completed project.

Activities & Projects By Module

Investing in Your FutureSelf-assessment
Recruiting Sales TalentIdentifying Potential Candidates
Recruiting Through Personal Contact
Expanding Your Reach with NominatorsApproaching Nominators
Developing Your Network of Nominators
The Selection ProcessThe Selection Process in Action
Using Market Opinion Surveys as a Selection Tool
Training for Improved PerformanceUsing PESOS to Plan Training
Conducting a One-on-One Skill Building Session
Managing PerformanceDeveloping a Performance Management Program
Target Market Planning and DevelopmentPersonal Market Analysis
Measuring Market Potential
Developing a Target Marketing Strategy
Achieving Sales LeadershipValues-Based Motivation
Making the Career Decision: Sales or Sales LeadershipSelf-Analysis of Sales and Sales Leadership Skills
Relationships Between Personal Goals and a Sales Leadership Career

BenchBuilder Features & Benefits

Online business systemStructures a readiness track for developing managers
Contemporary contentPrepares candidates for the challenges of today’s sales managers
Individualized tracksEnables each management candidate to experience the most appropriate aspects of the opportunity at the most appropriate time
Centralized platformKeeps sponsoring manager and candidate informed of progress
Helps organizations track talent management at the field level
Easy integration with LIMRA & HPNProvides for a consistent, continuous, end-to-end management development process

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