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Leadership Development

Front Line Leader Development

Need access to training to develop the skills of your front line managers? The HPN University provides blended learning content on recruiting & selection, training & coaching as well as leadership development. If you’re looking for a program to allow advisors to “test drive” leadership, then BenchBuilder could be perfect for you.

Agency Management Systems

HPN has developed their Firm Foundations live workshops to specifically teach systems around recruiting & selection, training, coaching & accountability, and leadership development. With over 3,000 graduates, this program is a career-changing experience!

Coaching & Development

HPN has a workshop designed specifically to teach the skills needed to do this, entitled Firm Foundations: Activity Coaching & Accountability. If your firm is looking for tools and resources for your coaches to leverage as part of the ongoing development process, then the HPN University has a specific section devoted to Coaching Resources.

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