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New Advisor Development Solutions

Sales Training

Getting new recruits off to a fast start, with the most effective sales skills is the key to new advisor productivity and retention. Through Trustworthy Selling Quick Start, HPN and LIMRA have developed the #1 sales effectiveness program in financial services. If you’re simply looking for a turnkey self-study and classroom sales training program for new recruits, the HPN University has what you need.

Ongoing Training

If you’re looking for turnkey resources for ongoing skill builders for new advisors and don’t want to “reinvent the wheel”, then the HPN University is the solution for you. Designed to save you time and energy, this has become the #1 online content library in the industry.

Activity Management

Are you looking to increase your advisor’s activity levels and provide your leadership team with tools and resources on how to do this more effectively? Whether it’s innovative tools such as Tier 25, content from the top experts on this topic through the HPN University, or training for your managers through Firm Foundations, HPN has the right solution for you.

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