Paul Feldman Interviews Harry Hoopis for InsuranceNewsNet Magazine

Recently Paul Feldman, the Publisher of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine sat down with Harry Hoopis, COE of the Hoopis Performance Network and recent recipient of the John Newton Russell Memorial Award, for a one-on-one interview about his illustrious journey through the insurance industry and how to train for greatness.

“When trust is at the highest point, that’s when the sale is made, You don’t have to ask for it. They’ll ask you, ‘Who do I make this check out to?’”

— Harry Hoopis

During the interview, Paul Feldman asks a total of nine questions that covers a wide range of Harry’s career, success and learning. Here are the nine topics that Pauls covers during the interview:

  1. You have had such an illustrious journey through the insurance industry. How did you get into the business?
  2. How did your career develop when you started with Northwestern Mutual? You started part time. Tell me what happened next.
  3. When you were building up the agency, how did you build up a successful team? How did you bring in new people and keep the ones that you had motivated?
  4. How do you think recruitment has changed over the years?
  5. Tell me more about psychometric profiling and its importance in recruiting new agents.
  6. For a new agent coming into the business, getting in front of 60 to 80 people in a month, as you recommend, is a tall task. What are some strategies to accomplish that?
  7. You know, we used to do all of this face to face. We had to do it that way. Now technology and the internet make it so easy to learn and work remotely.
  8. What are the most important things in your training that every agent and advisor should look at today?
  9. You started HPN when you retired from Northwestern Mutual. Tell me more about that.

Harry Hoopis created one of the largest and most successful financial services firms in Chicago. After decades breaking records for sales and agency growth, his company’s mandatory retirement age forced him to step down. He turned to his passion for training, which had been such an important driver in his success, and founded Hoopis Performance Network to help insurance and financial professionals reach their true potential.

Hoopis is CEO of HPN, which boasts over 100,000 learners in its system. He always has recognized the importance of continuous learning, having provided self-improvement opportunities to staff during his highly successful career at Northwestern Mutual and later growing that experience into HPN. He partnered with LIMRA to produce the sales effectiveness program “Trustworthy Selling,” which has enriched the skill sets of more than 30,000 advisors.

He is the author of the best-selling book The Road to the Bountiful Life. Hoopis prizes the art of listening and lives by his Ten Rules of Life. He believes in working hard, and he recognizes the advantages that recent changes, such as virtual client visits, bring to the industry. He recently was presented with the life insurance industry’s highest honor, the John Newton Russell Memorial Award, in recognition of his contributions to the profession.

Source: InsuranceNewNet Magazine, Paul Feldman

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