Increased Adoption in Your Training Management System

Organizations spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars purchasing or building their training management system. This is to provide internal collaborators and the sales team with a central location for training and development.

However, most organizations face lackluster adoption in their LMS and struggle to get key audiences to consume content. The following adoption pattern is the same throughout the LMS world: 1/3 will use the program a lot; 1/3 will use it averagely; and 1/3 will use it very little and never!

To drive adoption and increase the success of your LMS, it is essential to engage with strategic partners who have not only developed engaging content, but have also developed proven functionality to drive adoption. Here are some benefits of taking this approach:

Credibility through Field-Friendly Content

A fundamental principle of learning is that adults are motivated by learning that helps them achieve a goal or solve a problem. Whether they want to move into a management position, increase retention, or penetrate new markets, financial services professionals will be more motivated, will retain more, and are more likely to apply learning that serves a specific purpose. Through videos, case studies, assessments, and other media, an effective digital learning experience regularly reinforces the why behind the learning, not just the how. And since effective digital learning programs typically consist of brief, tightly focused microlearning modules, learners can select modules that have the most relevance for achieving their goals.


There is a certain amount of content that companies must develop internally, such as internal product and process content. However, when companies try to develop content like business skills that really need a greater business perspective, that content usually has no effect. This content generally lacks a commercial perspective and is not perceived as credible by the sales team. Therefore, it is prudent for companies to strategically partner with content providers who have developed content considered by commercials, created by commercials and for use by commercials.

Functionality designed to drive adoption

Hoopis Performance Network has sought feedback from our 50,000+ subscribers over the years on how they want to consume content. These are agency business managers and consultants who tell us directly what would drive adoption. So we’ve built functionality into our learning platforms based on this feedback.

For example, managers want to be able to prescribe content to advisors and easily verify consumption of that content. Advisors want access to a personalized dashboard for their learning experience where they can save specific content much like a Spotify or iTunes playlist. Strategic partnering with content providers that offer agile platform functionality greatly increases the value of an existing LMS through greater adoption.

Allows you to focus on execution

A typical image of the industry is as follows. Training departments spend valuable time and money developing all their LMS content to deliver to the sales team. Once completed, the content is added to the LMS and the training department focuses on the next creation project without spending the time necessary for the execution and adoption of the newly released content. A smarter alternative is to focus on developing content for internal products and processes while leveraging other content from strategic partners so that the training department can focus on execution and adoption strategies.

Agility enables contemporary content

Practical learning is related to, but not the same as, actionable learning. Actionable learning ensures learners have takeaways they can apply immediately. Practical learning takes into account different on-the-job situations to ensure learners have resources at a specific moment of need. A comprehensive digital learning platform includes resources to support five moments of need: new, more, apply, solve, and change.

The Five Moments of Need

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, content needs to be updated regularly. Since the role of most training departments is not solely to develop content, it becomes a big challenge to continuously develop contemporary content. Content development is the sole focus of content providers. Therefore, strategically partnering with content providers will ensure that you are bringing the most up-to-date content to your key stakeholders.