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Trustworthy Selling QuickStart Edition provides new recruits with the skills, language and confidence they need to be productive immediately and sustain that success in today’s market. It is a sales effectiveness program that aids the development of advisors so they can settle in seamlessly.

The program was developed to be utilized in conjunction with your organization’s existing, proprietary onboarding and initial training program.

Your New Advisors Will:

Understand how today’s consumers really make financial choices.

Engage consumers by aligning to their mindset and preferences.

Internalize new language for obtaining favorable introductions and telephoning skills.

Quickly build trust using proven engagement and collaborative discovery skills.

Adopt peak performance psychology and productive habits for long-term growth.

Take a Look at Some of Our QuickStart Content!

The Language of Trust

Applying Behavioral Economics Techniques

Language Demo: Building Trust, Rapport & Credibility

Digital Networking

Why People Procrastinate with Financial Products

Why QuickStart Edition Works:

  • It united LIMRA consumer research with field-tested language and techniques drawn from HPN’s network of successful new advisors.
  • New skills are mastered through practice, role play, application projects and follow up coaching.
  • Lessons are made memorable through use of real-life case studies.
  • Content is easily incorporated into day-to-day activities with a language reference guide, demonstration videos and other online resources.

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