A simple, flexible online tool designed to save you time, energy and money as you source, select and recruit top quality financial professionals.

About HPN TalentNest

HPN TalentNest™ is a leading edge, turnkey recruiting solution developed exclusively for the financial services industry. The platform simplifies the recruiting process by making it easy to post jobs and process your applicants.

You can move candidates through a configurable recruiting process that works the way your team does. You will realize the benefits in tracking the success of your candidate sourcing strategies, time to hire, and more.

Personal Orientation Profile (POP)

HPN TalentNest provides unlimited access to one of the most popular selection tools in the financial services industry: The Personal Orientation Profile™ or POP™.

The POP is a personality profile that has become the industry standard and is thoroughly validated. More than just a sales skills assessment, the POP is one of the worlds’ leading sales employee selection tools and is the instrument of choice for many of the most competitive financial services sales forces.

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Personality Orientation Profile