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Financial Wellness Empowering Your Journey for Life

Financial Wellness Resources to Differentiate Your Organization, Increase Productivity and Reduce Turnover with Employees and Clients!

Organizations across all verticals are becoming increasingly aware of the need to increase financial wellness and empowerment among their employees and clients. Studies show doing so has many advantages from increased productivity to greater job satisfaction, to lower employee and client turnover.

According to Recent Studies:


90% of employees feel it’s important for employers to offer financial wellness programs.


Number of employers promoting financial wellness expected to nearly double as 90% express concern for employees’ financial troubles.


75% of employees claim an employer-sponsored financial wellness program would positively affect their financial stress.

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Financial Wellness Digital Content Library Features Approximately 200 Learning Modules in the Following Areas and More:

Financial Empowerment Series

Understanding Debt

Understanding Budgets

Understanding Credit & Credit Cards

Understanding Income & Your Paycheck

Understanding Buying or Leasing a Car

Understanding Renting or Buying a Home

Retirement Planning Series

Planning Strategies for Retirement

Planning Strategies at Retirement

The Basics of Investing

Understanding Annuities

Overview of Social Security

Focus on Social Security

Overview of IRAs

Insurance & Risk Management Series

Overview of the Need for Life Insurance

Overview of Disability Income

Overview of Long-Term Care

Critical Illness Coverage

Overview of Personal Lines of Coverage / Multiline Products

Understanding Medicare

Life Changes Series

Overview of College Planning

Overview of Just Life Changes

What Happens When Someone Dies

Introduction for Special Needs Planning for Children

Understanding the Financial Considerations of Divorce

Overview of Planning Strategies for Widowhood

Over 50 Financial Calculators and Over 700 Articles for Financial Wellness

  • Automobile

  • Mortgage

  • Home Equity

  • Savings

  • Debt

  • Budget

  • Insurance

  • Retirement

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Our Financial Wellness Digital Content Is Designed To Be Used With the Following Types of Groups:

  • Home Office Employees & Field Staff

  • Existing Clients

  • Policyholders and Investors

  • Association Members

  • Worksite Marketing Employees

  • Schools and University Students

Experience Some of Our Financial Wellness Digital Content!

Budgeting Made Simple

Why Diversification is Essential

When a Loved One Dies Managing Inheritance

Overview of Medigap Insurance

You Just Received a Substantial Asset

What If You Keep Working While Receiving Benefits

What Do The Numbers on My SS Card Mean?

Long Term Care for Me

The Taxman Cometh

Understanding Homeowners Additional Coverage

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Financial Wellness Content Designed for Schools and University Students!

According to the Council for Economic Education – “Students who have taken a class in personal finance are more likely to engage in financially responsible behaviors such as saving, budgeting, and investing:


93% of those who have taken a class save money vs. 84% of those who have not.


60% of those who have taken a class have a budget vs. 46% of those who have not.


32% of those who have taken a class have invested money vs. 17% of those who have not.

Our platform features a library of over 700 articles and 60 financial calculators covering a wide range of subject areas. These resources are designed to help educate students on reaching their financial goals and improving their financial literacy to make the financial decisions that are right for them.

  • The Financial Wellness content library immediately provides an excellent ‘go-to’ resource for students who are interested in both understanding and improving their financial situation.

  • Each individual session has its own 5 questions multiple-choice quiz and 5 personalized takeaways to enhance and reinforce the material.

  • The video coursework provides close captioning and voiceovers in Spanish and other languages.

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