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Why Review a Client’s Tax Return?

Why Review a Client’s Tax Return? Federal income tax returns are one of the most easily accessible and revealing road maps for determining your clients’ financial needs. Reviewing tax returns can provide you with a whole new level of insight about their individual financial situations. Even more importantly, it can add increased value to your client relationships. Reviewing tax returns gives you the chance to identify more opportunities to provide value to your clients. It also can reveal details they may have failed or forgotten to share with you when you completed the fact-finding process. [...]

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Tips for College Planning

 Tips for College Planning  If you want your children to benefit from a college education, it’s never too early to start saving. A college education is expensive and might be one of the largest outlays you ever make. The good news is that families who want to save for their children’s college education now have more options available than ever before. An investment in a child’s college education has the potential to result in a lifetime of increased earnings. According to the College Board’s report “Education Pays 2016,” full-time workers ages 25 and older with [...]

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Overcoming Phone Anxiety

Overcoming Phone Anxiety Do you feel anxious whenever your phone rings or you must call someone? Do you worry about what you are going to say? Are you worried about embarrassing yourself, so you avoid or put off making that call? Do you ignore other people’s calls? Do you constantly replay conversations in your head after you hang up from a phone call? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you may suffer from phone anxiety, also known as telephobia. While you might think that this isn’t a problem, there are many [...]

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Whitepaper – Leading Your Team to Success: Secrets to Next-Level Sales Management

Leading Your Team to Success: Secrets to Next-Level Sales Management Most people have at least one person in their past who inspired them to greatness they’d never imagined. A grade-school music teacher who saw a savant when teaching Beginner Recorder. A coach who spotted a potential future pro in the kid who showed up early and stayed late for every practice. A college professor who pulled the gifted math student aside to challenge her chess skills. What all these scenarios have in common is an influential leader who inspired someone to do more than they’d [...]

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Whitepaper – How a Strong Firm Culture Builds a Strong Firm

How a Strong Firm Culture Builds a Strong Firm The other day, I saw a question that a software company owner posted online. He asked if it’s necessary to be “nice” in business. He was frustrated with employees who’d complained about feeling pressured to work 70+ hour weeks, having to chase new business with a fierce competitiveness and working within a tyrannical internal culture. His feeling was that true professionals are born fighters. I don’t agree. I believe a strong firm culture builds a strong firm. This is not to suggest that success can be [...]

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Whitepaper – Benefits of Mobile Apps vs. Websites

Benefits of Mobile Apps vs. Websites Advances in computer technology have been dizzying — from fixed desktop websites to responsive design desktop sites, mobile web sites and now apps (applications). In 2017, according to training and development firm Vantage Path, sales of tablets will be greater than those of computers and laptops combined, a worrisome trend for the traditional web, set in motion, ironically, by the successful inclusion of the Internet on mobiles. The traditional web is constantly losing ground to apps. It gets worse — the surge in the use of apps has resulted [...]

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Whitepaper – 10 Tips for Building a Training Culture

10 Tips for Building a Training Culture Having a strong organizational culture enables you to hire, conduct business and attract clients in a consistent way that aligns with your overall values. With the fast pace of technological change today, a training culture can give you a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best talent. Imagine that a quality candidate is considering your organization and another one, but you offer continuous training as a benefit. That will normally make the candidate’s choice simple and obvious. Investing in training for everyone in your [...]

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Whitepaper – Legal Planning for a Child with Special Needs

Legal Planning for a Child with Special Needs One of the most important questions parents who have a child with special needs ask themselves is, “What’s going to happen to my child when I’m no longer here?” To a large degree, the answer to that question will depend on the steps you begin taking today to arrange for your child’s future well-being. Having a child with special needs requires considerable planning, both for the short term and the long term. Taking care of the legal formalities regarding your child’s long-term care will give you peace [...]

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Whitepaper – Igniting Passion into Your Firms Culture

Igniting Passion into Your Firms Culture Whether new recruits or those who have been at their job for a while, passion remains one of the biggest drivers for making sales. When agents and advisors are passionate about their job and passionate about helping their clients, they close more sales. As an owner or manager, the single most effective way you can begin to ignite passion and purpose in your team is through your attitude. If you are excited, positive, and supportive, you will see the same kind of attitude from your producers. Creating a culture [...]

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Whitepaper – Keeping the Business Open After Owner’s Death

Keeping the Business Open After Owner’s Death As business owners age without a plan for their business when they die, they risk years of hard work going down the drain because of their departure. Sometimes tragic accidents occur before a business owner can put a plan in place, but many times advanced planning gives business owners the opportunity to realize their business’s maximum value and develop a plan for those who succeed them. Advanced planning also helps avoid arguments, emotions, and feelings which can lead to family and business turmoil after the death of a [...]

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