Joey Davenport Featured on NAIFA’s Advisor Today Podcast Series

President and Co-Founder of Hoopis Performance Network, Joey Davenport, was featured on the NAIFA’s Advisor Today Podcast Series. During this interview, Joey discussed the impact of continued learning on business development.

In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Joey Davenport, Co-founder and President of Hoopis Performance Network (HPN), to discuss the impact continual learning and self-development have on your professional life. Joey talks about HPNs introduction to the financial industry, the use of digital content as a recruiting strategy, and his thoughts on the future of career distribution.

Episode Highlights:

  • Joey Davenport shares his professional background and his role at Hoopis Performance Network (HPN)
  • Why HPN was readily embraced by the financial industry — and the foresight Joey had to incorporate digital content
  • How does video content play into an advisor’s professional development?
  • The emergence of digital content as a virtual recruiting strategy
  • Joey shares his thoughts on the future of career distribution
  • The value of continued learning and its impact on your profession
  • How NAIFA has impacted Joey’s leadership

Joey Davenport is a LIMRA strategic partner providing innovative, web-based sales training and leadership development learning solutions for financial professionals. Joey is responsible for leading all sales and marketing, enterprise client relationships, solutions development, and team development for the organization. He is the executive producer for HPN and serves as a speaker, coach, and consultant to HPN clients worldwide. He served as the President of NAIFA Chicagoland and is a graduate of NAIFA’s Leadership in Life Institute.