Joey Davenport Featured on NAIFA’s Advisor Today Podcast Series

President and Co-Founder of Hoopis Performance Network, Joey Davenport, was featured on the NAIFA’s Advisor Today Podcast Series. During this interview, Joey discussed the impact of continued learning on business development.

In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Joey Davenport, Co-founder and President of Hoopis Performance Network (HPN), to discuss the impact continual learning and self-development have on your professional life. Joey talks about HPNs introduction to the financial industry, the use of digital content as a recruiting strategy, and his thoughts on the future of career distribution.

Episode Highlights:

  • Harry Hoopis explains why he’s committed to the insurance and financial services industry
  • The working relationship between Harry Hoopis and Al Granum
  • How Harry transitioned from working as an agent to owning his own firm
  • The strategies Harry incorporated to promote healthy firm growth
  • Tips for agents’ and advisors’ development
  • Harry shares what receiving the John Newton Russell Award means to him
  • Mentors that have influenced Harry’s career journey
  • The value of joining NAIFA as an advisor
  • Harry offers insight into the 10 Hoopis Rules of Life

Harry Hoopis is an entrepreneur and industry leader in the insurance and financial services space who has built a successful firm based in Chicago, IL. He speaks, teaches, and inspires executives, advisors, and front-line salespeople — providing the systems, methods, efficiencies, and confidence needed to excel in the industry. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Road to the Bountiful Life, and recipient of NAIFA’s prestigious John Newton Russell Memorial Award.