On Demand Resources to Equip Your Managers and Leaders with the Tools they Need to Succeed!

On Demand Resources to Equip Your Managers and Leaders with the Tools they Need to Succeed!

How are you teaching new managers the knowledge and skills required to get off to a fast start in leadership? What are you doing to equip your existing managers with access to the best practices of the top leaders in financial services?

The most successful organizations invest in one of their most important assets – their leaders and managers. Our digital content for leadership is designed to work in conjunction with your existing leadership development systems and process. These solutions are scalable and customizable to your organization’s unique leadership development needs.

Here Are Just Some of the Topics Featured in Our Digital Content Library Designed for Managers and Leaders:

Foundational Principles of Leadership

Vision, Mission and Value Proposition

Building a Great Company Culture

Delegation: The Key to Growth

Office Systems & Processes

Time Management

Utilizing Company and Local Resources


Recruiting Best Practices

Building a Recruiting Culture

Developing Your Ideal Candidate Profile

Campus Recruiting

Attracting Top Performers

Recruiting Military Veterans

Recruiting with Diversity and Inclusion in Mind


Traits of Top Performers

The Selection Process

Conducting Initial Interviews

The Science of Utilizing Selection Profiles

In-Depth Behavioral Interviewing

The Candidate Experience

Language and Concepts for the Selection Process

Onboarding and Development

Onboarding New Advisors

Joint Field Work Best Practices

Training Best Practices

Ongoing Training & Development

Mentoring Series

Understanding How to Build Markets

Managing Sales Teams

Expectations and Accountability

Goal Setting and Creating High Expectations

Activity Monitoring

Becoming an Effective Performance Coach

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Holding Your Leadership Team Accountable

Leadership and Organizational Development

Leadership Insights, Philosophies and Beliefs

Situational Leadership

Developing High Performing Leadership Teams

Leading through Change Management

Developing Sales Managers and Agents into Management

Diversity & Inclusion

NOTE – we also feature content on growing through Alternative Distribution such as building relationships with banking institutions, muti-line firms and wholesalers.

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We’ve combined the two most powerful digital content libraries in the world, equipping you and your managers and leaders with the Art and Science of the best practices in financial services.

The HPN University content library provides the Art of leadership by focusing on the skills, best practices and execution methods of the top experts and leaders in financial services.

Harry Hoopis – LAMP Main Platform: Recruiting & Selection

Ed Deutschlander – Why Advisors Fail

Sandy Eichel – Detect, Reflect, Reject: Identifying Bias

Joey Davenport – The Importance of Developing a Recruiting Culture

Brian Moran – Accountability: Ownership vs. Consequences

Sabine Robinson – Keys to Building a High Expectations Culture

Harry Hoopis – Field-Tested: The Importance of Expecting More from People

Morgan Frietag – Planning Your Recruiting Year

Joey Davenport – Ideal Candidate Profile

Kathryn Christie – The Science of Selection & Potential to Performance

The Financial Services Education Network leadership content library provides the Science through hundreds of micro-learning modules focused on education and knowledge.

Create an Elevator Talk for Recruiting

Is Management The Right Role for You

Growing Mid-Tier Associates

Wholesaling to Independent PPGA

Wholesaling Best Practices

How a Cover Letter Helps with Underwriting

Creating a Development Strategy for Leaders P1

How to Have a Coaching Conversation (Show Me)

How to Cross-Sell in Multi-Line Firm

Underwriting Best Practices

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Additional Leadership Tools and Resources

In addition to our digital content, we also provide turnkey training and coaching tools for managers including:

  • On Demand Classroom Training Modules (virtual and in person)
  • Coaching Resources Including Guides, Assessments and Tutorial Videos
  • Skill Assessment to Identify Strengths and Areas of Development
  • eLearning Knowledge Checks and Action Items for Performance Improvement

  • Ability to Easily Enroll Learners in Courses and Learning Paths

  • Reporting and Analytics for Greater Accountability Around Learning