The Leader’s Journey

The Leader’s Journey

  • EMERGING – advisors interested in exploring and “test driving” the leadership career.

  • DEVELOPING – leaders needing to build a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills to grow their team.

  • GROWING – leaders seeking strategies and best practices to advance their team and organization.

  • EXCELLING – leaders wanting scale and systems to reach the pinnacle of success.

EDGE helps leaders succeed at every stage of the leadership journey. This comprehensive digital content library teaches essential skills for building a thriving business, creating a high-performance culture, and everything in between. Whether you want to strengthen your own leadership skills or build your leadership team, and whether you are new to leadership or have years of experience, EDGE has a solution for you.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Just Some of the Topics within Our Leadership Development Content Library:

Foundational Principles of Leadership:

  • Vision, Mission and Value Proposition
  • Building a Great Company Culture
  • Delegation: The Key to Growth
  • Office Systems and Processes
  • Time Management


  • Recruiting Best Practices
  • Building a Recruiting Culture
  • Developing Your Ideal Candidate Profile
  • Campus Recruiting
  • Attracting Top Performers


  • Traits of Top Performers
  • Conducting Initial Interviews
  • The Science of Utilizing Selection Profiles
  • In-Depth Behavioral Interviewing
  • The Candidate Experience

Onboarding and Development:

  • Onboarding New Advisors
  • Joint Field Work Best Practices
  • Training Best Practices
  • Ongoing Training & Development
  • Mentoring Series

Expectations and Accountability:

  • Goal Setting and Creating High Expectations
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Becoming an Effective Performance Coach
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability
  • Holding Your Leadership Team Accountable

Leadership & Organizational Development:

  • Leadership Insights, Philosophies and Beliefs
  • Situational Leadership
  • Developing High Performing Leadership Teams
  • Leading through Change Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Here are a few short samples of our leadership videos focusing on the skills, best practices and execution methods of the top experts and leaders in financial services.

Joey Davenport – The Importance of Developing a Recruiting Culture

Sabine Robinson – Keys to Building a High Expectations Culture

Harry Hoopis – Field-Tested: The Importance of Expecting More from People

Kathryn Christie – The Science of Selection & Potential to Performance

Why Independent Associates May Not Be Hitting Their Goals

The Importance of Follow-up When You Miss a Recruit

Sources for Gathering Names of Potential Candidates

Early Warning Signs Someone is Not a Culture Fit

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