Hoopis Performance Network and LIMRA Announce a Partnership to Provide Online Learning for Agents in International Markets

Northfield, IL Oct. 5, 2021— Hoopis Performance Network (HPN) and LIMRA announced today a new partnership to provide condensed, high-impact video-based online courses for financial professionals.

Top experts and advisors in the industry of financial services are featured in each of the video modules. These videos are designed to provide advanced skills and knowledge for financial professionals in LIMRA’s international member companies. The new online courses are called LIMRA Learn Powered by HPN U, the courses follow these learning paths:

  • Creating engagement through social media marketing
  • Working remotely and staying productive
  • Growing your business through social media marketing
  • Sales psychology and developing mental toughness
  • Power Leader Certification (Spanish only)
  • Virtual Expert Certification (Spanish only)
  • Master Learner Certification (Spanish only)
  • Novel Agents Accelerator (Spanish only)
  • Selling to Contemporary High-Net-Worth Individuals (Mandarin only)

Under each of the learning paths, there are about a dozen video courses that financial professionals can take when and where it’s convenient. There are several courses offered in Spanish and Chinese, with more to be added over time.

According to LIMRA research, 9 in 10 consumers report using social media, with half using it to gather information on financial topics, companies or advisors.

“With LIMRA Learn, agents can get tips and tools from top financial professionals on how to develop trust and credibility through social media marketing to help them attract and retain clients,” says Paul Arrowsmith, president of LL Global International.

During the global pandemic, and continuing today, financial professionals across the globe transitioned to remote work. This shift created new opportunities for agents who embraced the changes. Through these courses, agents can learn best practices on how to build a digital practice through time management, communication, successfully conducting virtual meetings, and more.

“This learning experience is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills for advisors when, where, and how they need it, which helps them, and their businesses, reach their full potential,” says Harry Hoopis CEO, HPN. “HPN’s expanded relationship with LIMRA is a giant step forward, bringing more cutting-edge training to its worldwide membership through LIMRA Learn.”

To learn more about LIMRA Learn powered by HPN U, visit https://www.limra.com/limra_learn.

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About LIMRA®

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