Hoopis Performance Network (HPN) and Financial Services Educational Network (FSEdNet) announce merger.

Northfield, IL  02/15/2022

Merger creates the largest content library in the world for the financial services industry.

Hoopis Performance Network (HPN) and Financial Services Educational Network (FSEdNet) announce that they are merging to create the largest digital content organization for financial services in the world. This is a huge announcement as the interest and utilization of digital learning has accelerated 5+ years into the future due to the pandemic. “We’re proud HPN has been a leader in digital learning for over a decade. The Covid pandemic has catapulted the need for online learning 5-10 years into the future. The timing of the HPN/FSEdNet merger is perfect and will allow us to expand our impact with clients moving forward”, said Joey Davenport, President of HPN.

While both organizations have provided digital learning and development over the past decade, both organizations’ content libraries are extremely complimentary. 

​​Richard Cleary, President of FSEdNet stated, “FSEdNet has always been in the forefront of delivering the education and knowledge necessary in building successful careers in the financial services industry for producers, management, staff, and employees. Now, combined with HPN’s unique skill development and execution methodology we have truly become the total package in delivering a turnkey solution for the field forces and home offices of today’s companies.”

FSEdNet’s content focuses on the education and knowledge of financial professionals – referred to as “The Science.” HPN’s content focuses on skills, best practices, and execution from the top experts and practitioners in financial services – referred to as “The Art.” This combination of art and science delivers the complete package of digital learning and development to help financial professionals increase their knowledge and skills.

“With our company serving over 50 companies in 25 countries, we are now the leader in Financial Services training content with nearly 3,000 videos. Our content is in several languages including English, Spanish, French Canadian, Mandarin, and more. Together our merged organization can serve every training need the industry has and do it in a cost-saving way. Licensing content is a far better solution financially than building it. We are excited about the possibilities and we are ready to serve”, said Harry Hoopis, CEO of HPN. Learn more about the merger by visiting www.hoopis.com/merger.

About Hoopis Performance Network (HPN)

For more than a decade, Hoopis Performance Network has been a global leader in providing digital sales and leadership development learning solutions. HPN’s digital resources are designed to increase productivity and retention. In addition, they are scalable and customizable, depending on your organization’s virtual learning and development needs. Visit HPN at www.hoopis.com

About Financial Services Educational Network (FSEdNet)

FSEdNet provides the resources of understanding to Launch, Retool or Grow a Practice in the Financial Services Industry. FSEdNet is a web-based video platform designed to deliver maximum impact on developing the skills, habits, and confidences of producers and staff by establishing processes and core understandings of the products, services, and life experiences that prospects and clients face.