Amy Florian

Grief & Bereavement Specialist

Serving as CEO of Corgenius and recognized as an acclaimed speaker, Amy Florian travels North America training professionals to effectively support clients in transition and loss. She is author of over 90 articles and the book “No Longer Awkward: Communicating with Clients through the Toughest Times of Life”.

Amy is a former columnist for the Journal of Financial Planning who has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and featured in Financial Advisor, Financial Planning, MSN Money, On Wall Street, and Financial Advisor IQ.

She holds a Master’s Degree and is a Fellow in Thanatology (the highest level of certification in the field of grief studies). She teaches a graduate class at Loyola University Chicago, she has worked with over 2,000 grieving people, and she consults with firms, corporations, and individuals nationwide.

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No Longer Awkward by Amy Florian