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Bill Cates, CSP, has revolutionized the way financial professionals generate an abundance of high-quality clients through referrals and personal introductions. His first two books, Get More Referrals Now! (McGraw-Hill) and Don’t Keep Me a Secret! (McGraw-Hill) have established Bill as the financial services industry’s foremost expert on building a thriving referral-based business. Bill’s newest book, “Beyond Referrals” (McGraw-Hill) is a groundbreaking next step in client acquisition. Cates introduces his Perpetual Revenue System™ that takes referrals to introduction, appointments, and the ultimate goal – a new client.

Cates is the president of Referral Coach International, founder of Referral Coach Academy™, and the creator of The Referral Advantage Program® Cates’ has trained over 70,000 financial professionals worldwide in his proven system.

Cates is an MDRT Main Platform speaker and was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame in 2010. He’s a highly sought after speaker because of his unique blend of high-content, humor, and motivation.

Bill offers two video-based training programs: Individuals should check out his complete self-study system and leaders/managers should check out his group training program.

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