Dina Renee Weiss

Chief Investment Officer of Redwing Financial

Dina Renee Weiss serves as a financial, life and business coach, as well as the Chief Investment Officer of Redwing Financial. She began her career in the financial services industry in 2005, and built her reputation from the foundation up, focusing initially on the clients themselves, building trust and establishing a strong rapport prior to engaging in a financial planning and investment management relationship. She has carried that client-centered and educational philosophy into her investment and financial planning approach, working with generations of families to ensure proper and full understanding of the financial responsibility of daily life, as well as the investment process and those options available in today’s diverse and complicated investment marketplace.

Dina aims to help individuals determine their goals, truly understand their individual risk-philosophies, manage that risk through the design of a comprehensive planning package, implement a well-organized plan of action, and finally embrace a disciplined approach to accountability and investing. She is firmly committed to serving her clients and looks to add value by providing timely, consistent and ongoing communication.
Outside of her professional pursuits, Dina also holds her certification as a holistic health practitioner and has philanthropically provided health coaching services to more than 1,100 individuals seeking to live their best life. She volunteers her time and efforts as much as possible and sees the greatest reward in her life as the success of those who seek her guidance. In addition, she is the co-author of Ready to Launch – How Prepared are they for the Real World, a book aimed at assisting families in preparing their children for the realities of life beyond their childhood home. She has long been a writer, primarily in theatrical arts, comedy and poetry, but now tailors her writing towards practical and easily-implemented guides to developing a sense of ownership and personal responsibility for every aspect of an individual’s life.

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