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Farshad Asl

Regional Director at Bankers Life & International Speaker

Farshad Asl is the Regional Director of Bankers Life in Southern California, the founder of Top Leaders Inc, and a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Teacher and International Speaker. Farshad has built one of the largest sales organizations in the county which has been a member of the Executive Council for the past seven year and has been the recipient of the Excalibur Awards for years, along with the Coat of Arms Award in 2016. Farshad has served as a Chairman of the Leadership Committee for three years and have been the recipient of the Frontline Leader Award: Diamond from GAMA International.

Farshad Asl is also the author of the Best Seller, The ‘No Excuses’ Mindset: A Life of Purpose, Passion, and Clarity. “With this book I believe anyone can turn their excuses into excellence. My purpose and passion in life is to transform success into significance and add value to every connection and relationship I make. It is my passion to inspire, equip, and enable others to become the leaders and entrepreneurs they were born to be. I believe leadership is the secret hidden within all of us for success. We must learn to lead ourselves before we lead others. Our leadership is our legacy.”

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‘No Excuses’ Mindset by Farshad Asl