Karyn O’Connor

Managing Director, SAGE Strategic Management & Consulting

SAGE Strategic Management & Consulting, LLC provides individual, customized and focused leadership coaching around the specific needs of the Firm or its leadership team.

  • We follow a method that revolves around a comprehensive discovery process that prioritizes the Firm’s intentions and needs around its core operational functions. It is critical that we work closely with the Firm’s leadership team during this process to best understand their beliefs and values.
  • The next step is the design, development and execution of revised systems and processes that are proven, predictable and ultimately transferrable to the leadership team. The critical step in this phase is to make certain that all systems are integrated and compatible in order to insure successful execution. The leadership team’s individual competencies and talents are integrated into the execution of the process.
  • The key to our success is a continued follow up strategy with progressive development techniques and measured accountability processes.

The end result is a productive and profitable entity that’s been enhanced through the structured integration of core systems as well as a leadership team that works cohesively because they have ownership of the content.

SAGE consulting fees are determined based on the scope of the findings in the discovery process and the level of commitment by the Firm.

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