On a Personal Note – Follow up to “Become a Master Communicator”

As a follow-up to my blog “Become a Master Communicator: The Importance of Body Language” I thought I’d share a personal note of what one of my friends and mentors taught me long ago.

Insurance great, Tom Wolff taught me a simple but very effective way to remember the key points from my previous blog, Tom’s Q, triple L, double R (QLLLRR) formula.

QLLLRR Formula

The Q stands for when asking a question, the first L reminds us to always look them directly in the eyes.

The second L is to Lean forward, while sitting on the edge of your chair, with both feet firmly planted on the floor, and arms uncrossed.

The third L tells us to listen twice as much as we speak. (God gave us two ears and one mouth for this reason).

The first R reminds us to use Reinforcing comments when we receive answers to our questions or additional comments.  People are more likely to open up and share more when they realize that what they are saying really matters and is being understood.  A few quick examples of these maybe “I can see that” “that’s great” “that’s interesting” and “how wonderful”.  Another reinforcement would be the positive nodding of your head while listening to their responses.

The final R reminds us to Record their responses.  This not only will allow us to recall our discussion in much better detail down the road, but it provides another positive reinforcement to them, by indicating that what they are saying is important, important enough for us to write it down.

I have followed Tom’s success formula for over 35 years in all of the chapters of my life, hopefully, it will help you too.

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