Recruiting from the Candidate’s Perspective

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Recall, for a moment, your last interview. Without being facetious, was it in this decade? It is often said that we learn from our past, or use our experience and current standing as a validation of success. But when was the last time you actually experienced your company’s recruiting process? This is truly something to consider when exploring how to evaluate and improve your talent acquisition procedures.

When considering process improvement, it is valuable for recruiters to take time to literally act out the entire recruitment process as well as to compare that process to other industries. Even the same industry will give you proper insight about your competition! It is usually best to frame your perspective from the persona of a cold prospect – not an internal recruit. Begin by engaging from the beginning; research, connect and follow through. What are your first impressions of the brand? How are the initial back-and-forth emails? Is anything unclear, or annoying?

You should then listen to the various communication styles aimed at setting up the “next steps” or follow-up. How many people did you engage in the interview process? The more the merrier? How did it feel to be underqualified or over-qualified? Who were you more excited to have the opportunity to work for and why?

Because when a candidate is lost to another employer — especially your competition — there is something to be learned. You should inquire with past candidates about why they passed on your opportunity because there are things that can go unnoticed during the interview process. It is natural to ask a customer about why they didn’t move forward and the same should be done with a candidate as well. A survey tool is a great way to gain this insight.

After you experience the interview process from a candidate’s perspective, it is time to evaluate and implement appropriate changes. To make these sustainable, begin with small tweaks instead of a total revamp. Make a small list of things to start with or to even stop completely or just continue. Because in order to be successful with the recruiting process, it must adapt and evolve. Using the same strategy and tactics every year gets stale and you have to keep the recruiting process fresh! Candidates should be excited to go through your hiring process and the results will show if they are. NOTE: it is important to consider the interview process from the candidate’s point of view because it can be the first time someone experiences your brand, and that is very much part of your total brand perception.

There are certainly many different ways to gain real insight and implement effective change within your talent acquisition procedures. Contact us to find out more about how Firm Foundations-Talent Acquisition can provide the most effective recruiting methods relevant today.