Why You Should Build a Training Culture

Having a strong firm culture enables you to hire, conduct business and attract clients in a consistent way that aligns with your overall values. Specifically, a training culture can give you a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best talent. Imagine that a quality candidate is considering your organization and another one, but you offer continuous training as a benefit. That makes the candidate’s choice simple and obvious!

Investing in training for everyone in your organization shows them that you value their professional development and advancement potential.

According to a 2018 LinkedIn survey, the rise of digital training is transforming talent development. The study revealed that 68 percent of employees prefer to learn at work, 58 percent prefer to learn at their own pace and 49 percent prefer to learn at their point of need. By offering access to a 24/7 learning platform such as FSEdNet, you will meet your team members’ training needs effectively.

Companies like SAP, Apple, American Express, and Bridgewater Associates attribute these companies’ success to fostering ongoing and independent training by going above and beyond periodic seminars and courses.

It’s Really a “Learning Culture”

In the training industry, there is a growing emphasis on the concept of a “learning culture.” A 2018 article in Inc. magazine says, “Where once the corporate mindset was all about providing employee training, an increasing number of companies today are working to establish a culture of learning.”

To build such a culture, the article says organizations need to make sure their content is learner-centric. The author states, “The more employees are involved in their own learning and training outcomes, the more they will buy into training and coaching — and even get excited about it.” The article also recommends that you “offer online videos and other on-demand resources so employees can access learning when it’s most convenient for them. The future of corporate learning will be on-demand, all the time, access.” That is the focus of our video training platform.

So instead of investing in training once in a while – when someone requests it or when compliance requires it – make training a key element of your agency’s or firm’s makeup to stay up to speed.

For tips on making training a key element of your culture, download our white paper, 10 Tips for Building a Training Culture.