Recruiting and selection is a common issue in many industries, especially when it comes to insurance and financial services. After all, in industries like these, the salespeople, agents, and advisors are very much the face of the company, and success lies on their shoulders. As such, selective recruiting plays a vital role in reducing overhead costs and improving revenue. Our tools and workshops, driven by data and results, can improve your recruiting efforts significantly.

How Selective Hiring Improves Retention

To truly optimize your company, you must first optimize your hiring process. In this case, it pays to be selective because it can significantly boost retention. When it comes to the hiring process, the focus should always be on the most qualified candidate for the position. If the person hired to fill a position is a poor match, he or she will likely move on rather quickly.

Our goal is to help you develop a hiring process that makes it easier to pick the best possible applicants out of many, much like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. The Hoopis Performance Network provides a litany of tools and resources your recruiters can use to their advantage.

Strategies for Improved Recruiting and Selection

The recruiting and selection solutions offered by Hoopis have been developed and honed based on data and real results. Each of these has proven invaluable to insurance and finance companies across the country for different reasons. Our workshops, consulting opportunities, online recruiting strategies, selection tools, and coaching can help your recruiters implement a much more effective hiring process.

  • Workshops & Consulting – Our team keeps up with all the latest technologies and tools used for recruiting and selection, then hosts events to share these with your company. We provide live workshops, company-specific consulting and coaching, and more through a partnership with Rekroot.
  • Online Recruiting – In today’s digital world, recruiters no longer sift through stacks of paper resumes when making their selections. Much of the recruiting taking place today occurs online, and that’s why we offer workshops, coaching, and consulting for the digital world. We help you focus on leveraging your brand in such a way that you can positively engage with the right candidates early in the process.
  • Selection Tools – Hoopis is also a leading provider of selection tools that have been shown to save your recruiters time and your company money as they select the top professionals to fill positions. We do this through TalentNest, a platform specifically designed to provide better insight into each candidate and track the overall success of your sourcing strategies.
  • Interviewing Skills – Arguably, the interview is your recruiters’ opportunity to truly get to know and challenge candidates, so if their interview skills miss the mark, they may not be choosing the right professionals for your company. Hoopis can help teach interview skills – both for the initial interview or a more in-depth and personal one – through coaching, consulting, and live workshops.

As the finance and insurance industries continue to grow, and as these industries continue to shift more into the digital age, it is clear that the recruiting and selection processes will play vital roles in your company’s success. Hoopis Performance Network is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to recruit the right people from the start, which will save you time, effort, and money in the end.