The best insurance and financial services companies in the world today are those with the best leadership. Leaders exist to provide guidance and direction, and they also serve as examples of who professionals should strive to be. Hoopis Performance Network offers various tools and resources designed to develop and empower leaders, whether they are already a part of your management team or simply test driving a career in management.

Importance of Leadership Development

It is important to distinguish between leaders and managers in order to better understand the importance of leadership and management. A manager is someone who does things the right way, whereas a leader is someone who does the right thing. Leadership should be viewed as a calling – something people who have the right frame of mind, the right skills, and the right personal traits can do better than anyone else. There’s a good chance that you already know who your leaders truly are, so taking the time to develop them and help them hone their skills will serve you and your company well today and in the future.

When the leadership in your company is effective, everyone in your company, from the highest-level executives to the individual agents or advisors, inherently work toward the same goal – their own personal success as well as the success of their company. Simply put, when you develop the right leaders in the right way, it is possible to create a culture of loyalty and dedication.

Resources and Tools for Developing Leaders

Hoopis Performance Network understands the traits and skills leaders need to help push your company forward. As a result, we have created numerous data-driven tools and resources that will help your leadership team grow to its full potential.

  • Front Line Leader Development – Front line managers are the most skilled and functional specialists in your firm or agency, and they play a critical role when it comes to directing and leading specific groups of people. Developing your existing leaders into effective front line leaders can make a tremendous difference in your company’s success. We offer a variety of leadership-focused learning content through HPN University, and we even provide the BenchBuilder system that gives your advisors the chance to take leadership for a test drive – and gives you the opportunity to identify their potential to serve as future leaders, too.
  • Agency Management Systems – Our Firm Foundations program provides live workshops focused on all aspects of leadership, including training, recruitment, coaching, accountability, productivity, and more. More than 3000 people have completed the program, and many claim the experience completely changed their careers for the better.
  • Coaching and Development – If you are more interested in providing leaders with the ability to coach and develop others, the Firm Foundations: Activity Coaching and Accountability workshop is the answer. It provides specific skills and knowledge related to developing agents and advisors. On the other hand, if your company needs to develop existing coaches even further, the Coaching Resources section of HPN University contains a number of lessons on this subject, as well.

Hoopis Performance Network is dedicated to assisting everyone in your firm or agency live up to his or her potential, and that includes your existing and potential leaders. Choosing the right people for leadership positions, then developing those people using tried and true methods for your specific industry, will see you to the top.