When it comes to advisor development, many firms prioritize their new hires and fail to provide their experienced advisors with the ongoing development they need. Unfortunately, this means that experienced advisors often miss out on training and development that could help them further not only their careers, but the overall success of the company. Hoopis Performance Network provides tools, resources, and coaching that makes experienced advisor development simpler and easier.

The Changing Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry as a whole is undergoing some significant changes. Decades ago, those who had the foresight to predict the need for wealth management and other services obtained the education and skills they needed to be successful. Unfortunately, as the years have passed, this trend has not continued. The result is a huge group of advisors who may be excellent at selling products but have not been provided effective solutions selling skills and business management knowledge.

More than half of all the highly-skilled financial services professionals will retire in the next 15 years, and there are simply not enough people to take their place. Leveraging the opportunity to train and educate your experienced advisors early on can give you a significant advantage over your competitors for this reason.

Tools and Resources for Experienced Advisor Development

When it comes to training your experienced advisors, it is important to avoid teaching them what they already know. Instead, the need shifts to things like practice management, advanced markets, vertical growth, and strategies that will help them take their business to the next level. Hoopis Performance Network provides several options that your company can utilize when building a solid team of skilled professionals.

  • Sales Training – Though your experienced advisors are already salespeople, you can further their knowledge and broaden their horizons with our tools. The HPN University offers up training on topics like Practice Management and Target Marketing, which can empower your advisors even further. If you want to provide advanced sales training to your top producers to help them realize their full potential, our award-winning Trustworthy Selling program has proven results.
  • Advanced Markets Training – The Advanced Planning Channel, available only through Hoopis Performance Network, consists of the best of the best in estate, business and retirement planning. Not only does the online learning platform make it a highly convenient resource, but it is also approved for continuing education credits in all 50 states. The channel even offers turnkey curriculums through which managers and specialists can provide on-demand classroom training through the Advanced Planning University. There are hundreds of options here, which allows those in management and leadership to help the more experienced advisors develop their strengths on a more personal level.

Hoopis Performance Network strives to help financial services firms across the country remain competitive and successful in an ever-changing industry. Experienced advisor development is often overlooked, but with our tested, award-winning, and results-driven approach, it is easier and more affordable than ever to develop your more experienced professionals into leaders, managers, and more.